Sunscreen: A Girl’s Best Friend (and Guy’s Too!)

I bet you though it was your friend Jessica you’ve known all your life and share all of your secrets with BUT sunscreen will save your skin’s life! It prevents loss of elasticity and collagen production and prevents pigment.

That little bottle that seems like the most annoying step of your morning routine (besides toning – who does that anyway?!) is your chance to prevent frequent trips to your neighborhood esthetician or medical spa. I bet you think it’s only crucial to apply it during the summer months when you are out in the sun for an extended period of time, when in reality you need to PREVENT cumulative damage by applying it every morning before your car ride into school or work and apply on your way home.


Helpful tip: If you wear makeup with sunscreen, apply another layer on your way out the door of work or school. If you think that you’re safe in the car from the sun’s damaging rays, think again! The aging rays (UVA) are still able to make it through the window and INTO your skin. You will thank me when you’re in the nursing home and you’re looking at wrinkly Ruth as you snag the last single man in the building. You will need an SPF 30 and no lower than that. There is no better age to start than when you are young, but it is never too late to wear sunscreen daily. Whether is gloomy & gray or sunny & warm, wear your sunscreen every. single. day.


So don’t commit Wild Daisy’s Skin Sin #1 – wear your sunscreen everyday!

P.S. I do tone daily… 😉

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