What is Acne?

The way our pores perform or behave is inherited. For people who are acne prone this means our pores function differently than normal pores. Normal pores shed 1 layer of dead skin cells. An acne prone individual sheds five or more layers of dead skin cells. So why is that it shows up during puberty and not sooner?

During puberty the body starts secreting sebum. The sebum makes the dead skin cells stick together and congest deep in the pore- forming a microcomedone. From there the dead skin cells have a snowball effect until after approximately 3 months you see the pimple “pop up” one day. There are 2 courses the acne lesion will take noninflamed or inflamed. Noninflamed are the little bumps that are not surrounded by redness. Inflamed acne lesions are the same lesions but the dead skin cell “seed” has punctured the pore wall and the body is now treating it as a foreign invader. You can tell an acne lesion is inflamed if there is redness and/or pus forming around the lesion. This is just your body’s defense system. So, how do you manage the pores? Schedule an appointment with an acne specialist today!    

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